Usage-based insurance pilot program

SGI launched the world’s first motorcycle usage-based (telematics) insurance pilot program.

SGI’s motorcycle telematics pilot program will not continue into the 2015 riding season.

Thank you to the hundreds of riders who volunteered in this pilot over the last two years. Your participation, contributions and feedback has been extremely helpful.

The pilot identified some challenges, unique to motorcycles, with the existing telematics technology. SGI has experienced first hand how telematics technology works well and seamlessly for vehicles; however, it does not yet work as seamlessly with motorcycles. We have a better understanding of the challenges and what is needed for a successful motorcycle telematics program in the future.

SGI believes telematics to be a valuable tool for measuring driving behaviours and contributing to safer driving. Telematics technology is evolving rapidly and new devices are currently being developed that are expected to meet SGI's needs for a future motorcycle program. These devices are not currently available, but when they are, SGI will consider revisiting the motorcycle telematics program.